You have the inner strength and wisdom to face your current challenges.

As your art therapist and counselor I would like to help you discover your strength and your unique path to growth and healing.

During our sessions I will support you in exploring issues or ideas verbally and/or nonverbally based on your preferences and needs.  Many clients find art therapy to be a fun and relaxing way to explore and cope with their problems.  I have found art therapy to be helpful for people dealing with traumatic experiences, life transitions, significant losses, self-destructive patterns, or relational challenges.  Art therapy typically feels natural and safe to children and is an effective way for them to work on emotional and behavioral difficulties.  Adults find art therapy leads to powerful new insights and are relieved to learn that no previous art experience is needed to benefit.    

In addition to art therapy, I have specialized training in Imago therapy, which is a form of relational therapy.  Imago therapy leads couples to become intentional and supportive in their communication.  I have great success helping couples in crisis or experiencing conflict restore connection and intimacy in their relationship.

I strive to be a source of compassion and encouragement to my clients.  I have twenty years of experiences as a therapist and specialized expertise to bring to the therapeutic relationship. 

Please call me for a free phone consultation to discuss if my services are right for you or your family.    I look forward to talking with you.