Connected Parents/Thriving Kids


Parenting Workshop

All Day Saturday July 21, 2018

8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 

Register by July 6 and receive a Private 30 Minute Parenting Consult 2-3 weeks following the workshop.

$197 for one adult

$247 for two adults

Do you find yourself quick to get irritated or frustrated with your child?  Are you worried about your child’s behaviors?  If you would like to learn ways to be assured that you are interacting with your child in a way that meets their emotional and developmental needs “Connected Parents/Thriving Kids” parenting workshop can help.  This class will help you gain an understanding of your child from their perspective, and learn to decode their acting out behaviors.  The approach you learn will help you to focus on developing competence in your child, rather than struggling with making your child comply.  You will learn how your own childhood experience impacts the way you parent, and how to intentionally create the peaceful, loving family relationships you desire.   

This class/support group will teach you how to be a more effective and responsive parent, in-tune with what your child needs from you.  Based on the best-seller, “Giving the Love that Heals” by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD., the workshop incorporates Imago Relationship Theory with insights from the latest neuroscience and child development research.

 You will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain tools to become an intentional confident parent.
  • Become more attuned and connected with your child.
  • Learn how to discover the hidden messages behind your child's “acting out behavior.”
  • Discover a parenting approach based on the newest research on brain development and children attachment needs.
  • Receive the support of other parents seeking to create the best family environment possible. 
  • Become a model of healthy relating.
  • Foster confidence and capability in your children.

Workshop Includes

  • Dynamic, fun, interactive lectures
  • Insights from other parents
  • Practicing new skills in a friendly environment
  • Taking home a notebook full of ideas
  • Early registers receive a private 30 minute follow-up video conferences session with Laura 2-3 weeks after the workshop.

Testimonials from the Class 

Before taking this class we were experiencing daily outbursts from my son.  My husband and sons relationship was lacking and my ex-husband had a non-exsistant relationship with both of my kids.   We had an unhealthy environment full of stress, anxiety, and frustration.  My favorite aspect of the class was being introspective into what I do that helps or hurts the family, and the role how I was parented plays in how I now parent.   I now experience less confusion and am able to pin point problematic areas. 

Before taking this class I was worried my children would have difficulties as adults because of how my spouse and I parented when we were frustrated.  My spouse and I were fighting about the differences in our parenting styles, and were frequently yelling at each other and the kids.  We decided to take the parenting class when my spouse put their hands on one of children in a way that scared us.   My favorite aspect of the class was learning the M.O.V.E. and H.O.L.D. techniques, seeing my spouse really get it and work hard, and relating to others who were having similar struggles.   During the class we experienced less yelling and anger in our home.

Before taking the class my kids were bouncing off the walls, yelling instead of listening, and bulling each other.  I felt like I was reigning in wild horses when I’m no cowboy.  My favorite part of the class was the “finding my growth edge” exercise and discovering the root of why certain behaviors bother me.   Since taking the class, I am able to elicit information and feelings from my children.  I feel more connected, my kids own their behavior, and I no longer feel like the bad guy. 

Prior to taking the class my relationship with my thirteen year old was a wreck.   I didn’t trust my own decisions and my ten year old was beginning to show signs of codependency to keep the peace.   There was constant fighting at my house, my relationship with my spouse was stressed, I wasn’t sleeping due to nerves, and I was unable to enjoy my family.  I finally said,  “Enough is enough” when I felt my children were going down paths that I wasn’t sure we would make it though.  I was unable to connect enough to influence them.   During the class I learned about myself, and why I react to certain things.  I learned that I react the same way my mother did.  I have been able to change and not use the silent treatment.  Now we are communicating and discussing.  It is much less stressful and I have a connection with my teenager

I was concerned my son would hate me when he was an adult.   Every encounter with my oldest son was a fight.   Counseling was helping but only so far.   During the class I learned it doesn’t have to be a battle to raise kids.  Since taking the class, the tension in the house has gone from a nine to a two most days.  

Before taking the class, I was worried that things I did and said to or in front of my children were going to permanently damage them.  I was stressed, depressed, and angry all the time.  My wife wasn’t happy, my children weren’t happy, my children were acting out at school, and I was disengaged at work.   During the class, I discovered that being more conscious of my feelings, gives me the power to fully use the tools from the class.   Since obtaining the information and support the class provided, it has been easier to relate to my children.  I have more productive communication with my children and my wife.