With the right tools you can create the happy, relaxed, close relationships you long for.

Do you feel stuck in repetitive conflicts that go nowhere?  Do you long to feel heard by those who matter most?

As a Certified Imago Therapist I will equip you to become intentional and supportive in your communication. 

I have great success helping couples experiencing conflict restore connection and intimacy in their relationship.  Family members gain empathy for each other's deepest needs.

Call me at 816-359-1885 to schedule a couple's or family therapy session.  Also consider enrolling for the upcoming Imago Connects Couple's Workshop.

Imago Connects Couple's Workshop



You have the inner strength and wisdom to face your current challenges.

Do you feel lost and overwhelmed?  Have you experienced a trauma or change and need support to grieve and discover the next steps that most honor your authentic self?

As your art therapist and counselor I would like to help you discover your strength and your unique path to growth and healing.

Call me at 816-359-1885 to schedule a private session.  Also consider signing up for the upcoming Art Wisdom Workshop to express your feelings, discover your needs, and enjoy the support of others in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

Art Wisdom Workshop




Please call and schedule your initial session or sign up for a free phone consultation to discuss if my services are right for you or your family.  I look forward to talking with you. 


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